Connor Towing Lunette Ring 1626310- Forged Lunette Ring with Adjustable Bracket (GTW-14000 lb.), Lunette Eye, Pintle Eye

Item #1626310
  • $ 40.99
  • $ 75.99
  • ADJUSTABLE IN 3 POSITIONS: Flexibility for precise trailer leveling
  • HEAVY DUTY TOWING: 14,000 lb. max GTW
  • FITS PINTLE HOOKS, BALL & PINTLE COMBINATIONS, CLEVIS BARS: 3" inner diameter; 6" outside diameter
  • STRONG AND SECURE ATTACHMENT: 2" distance between bolt holes
  • FORGED SOLID STEEL DRAMATICALLY INCREASES IMPACT AND SHEAR STRENGTH: Lunette ring undergoes metallurgical recrystallization for superior strength, Black power coat finish for rust and corrosion resistance
  • Attachment point for pintle hitch
  • GTW capacity: 14,000 lbs
  • 3" inner diameter
  • 6" outside diameter
  • 2" distance between bolt holes
  • Finish: Black powder coat

Designed for use with a pintle hitch, this forged lunette ring is mounted on the adjustable channel bracket on the trailer. With 3 adjustable positions and mounting hardware included, this versatile lunette ring package provides a strong and durable attachment point for your pintle hitch. 

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